Forget the tale of Hansel and Gretel, this colourful wall covered in gum will make you feel nauseous and yet mesmerised. For all those who love chewing bubblegum this is the perfect place to leave you flavourless gum after a while. It is located in Post Alley, downtown Seattle, under the Pike Place Market, by the box office for the Market Theater.


It all started in 1991 when people, tired of waiting in line to get tickets for the theater, started to stuck their chewing gum on the wall. Since then, the theater employees scraped all the gum away twice, but after a while they gave up and the wall was certified as a mayor tourist attraction.


And over the years it has become more than a tourist attraction, it is also a perfect spot for wedding photographers, the starting point of a gosht tour, and the location for a scene of the 2009 film Love Happens, starring Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckheart.


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