Deep in the jungles of Nicaragua there is a man who has become a character worth finding for many hitchhikers and backpackers willing to search for this artistic hermit.  His name is Alberto Gutierrez, a man of almost 80 years old, and he has been living entirely off the land of Tisey Estanzuela Natural Reserve his whole life.


He does not have electricity or running water, he only lives on what the land can provide and the products he grow like his own pineapples. For over 35 years he has spent his time carving images into a cliff that decorates his home, inspiring a lot of travellers who have found him.


He is very passionate about his carvings, he eagerly explains his inspirations for his work whenever a visitor comes to him. He shows and explains his carvings of birds, deers, rabbits, snakes, jaguars and four-foot elephants that cover a 300 feet stretched cliff wall. Among other things, he has also carved maps of Nicaragua and the Twin Towers of New York City.

Get to know more about this unique character through this story from Seeker Stories:


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