This is a free entrance event that features a giant carpet made out of over 600,000 colourful begonias over the Grand-PLace in Brussels, Belgium, the jewel of Gothic architecture. The first official flower carpet was held in 1971 thanks to the work of E. Stautemans, a brilliant landscape architect. And ever since then, it has been held every two years on the weekend of August 15th, since 1986.

For each event, the non-profit association Tapis de Fleurs gathers a committee of professional illustrators, graphic designers and landscape architects, who come up with scale projects, with a different theme every edition.

Workers place begonias into floral displays in the Grand' Place in Brussels, Thursday Aug. 14, 2008. For three days thousands of begonias will cover the Grand' Place in Brussels in an event that is held every two years. ( AP Photo/ Thierry Charlier.)

Photo: Thierry Charlier.

But it does not stop there, once the model and symbols are approved, they calculate the number of flowers and color combinations needed for the carpet. Then, days before the event, the full-size design is drawn on sheets of micro-perforated plastic over the Grand-Place. Finally, with the help of more than 100 volunteers gardeners, the flowers placed over the plastic drawn design in less than four hours. 


The Flower Carpet is a four day event that invites the visitors to admire the beauty of the buildings around the square and enjoy the scent of the thousands of begonias. And it will be held from August 12th to 15th 2016.

BRUXELLES, 15 août (Xinhua) -- Le Tapis de fleurs 2012 composé d'environ 600 000 bégonias et dahlias est installé sur la Grand-Place de Bruxelles en Belgique le 14 août 2012. Cette manifestation a lieu tous les deux ans (années paires). Fin

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